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Rush to Judgment

Defining economic justice is hard to do – go over to the Center for Economic and Social Justice and see for yourself. Giving to each what he or she is due depends on what you decide is due to anyone … Continue reading

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Regarding Free-Market Capitalism

Is it game over? If communism came to an end twenty years ago with the collapse of the Soviet Union, is capitalism coming to an end with the current worldwide economic collapse, with giant banks around the world effectively insolvent … Continue reading

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No Troubadours for Reagan These Days

If you look at the banner photo at the top of the page, you see a sunset from June 2004 – the shot is looking northeast from Mulholland Drive, far above Hollywood, on the day of Ronald Reagan’s funeral, taking … Continue reading

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Just Two Different Ways of Looking at Things

Tuesday, February 24, was the Barack and Bobby Show – Obama’s formal address to a joint session of Congress, on where we seem to be as a nation and what his administration plans to do, as best they can – … Continue reading

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Feels Like Civil War Brewing Again

Perhaps it was inevitable. We had that Civil War almost one hundred forty years ago, and, if you’ve ever lived in the South, you know they’re not happy with how that one turned out – people still mutter that the … Continue reading

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Confidence without Illusion, or Much Hope

Ah, Reuters is telling us that anger really can kill you:   Anger and other strong emotions can trigger potentially deadly heart rhythms in certain vulnerable people, U.S. researchers said on Monday.   Previous studies have shown that earthquakes, war … Continue reading

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When Conventional Wisdom Fails

It happened once before. Perhaps it was in the early sixties, which opened with an odd election to choose someone to follow Dwight Eisenhower – and we got the dashing young man with the glamorous wife, who was a Catholic, … Continue reading

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