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The New Age of the Expected and Unchallenged Lie

Politicians lie – that’s not news. You don’t expect a presidential candidate to get up there and say, well, he really can’t promise better times – because no president has control over oil prices, as what the Saudis produce and … Continue reading

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The Joy of Argument by Analogy

Rush Limbaugh has been saying Obama is Hitler for a long time now, ticking off various Jewish groups – there was only one such guy, and whatever you think of Obama, you don’t make such comparisons for a quick, cheap … Continue reading

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Far, Far Beyond of Reasonable Doubt

As there’s never definitive information on anything, we always fill in the gaps with what we think is most likely. If you’ve ever served on a jury you know the routine, as voir dire crawls along – that’s where the … Continue reading

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Wide, Perhaps, But Not Deep, In Any Sense

That was it? Out here when we have a demonstration, we do it right – more than half a million people downtown, and the same in cities across America. Sure, you can demonstrate in cities in a fifty states, but … Continue reading

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Playing With Fire and Getting Burned

President Obama frightens almost everyone, except for the sixty-six percent of Americans who approve of him. This of course redefines what is meant by “almost everyone” – so the new definition is the province of Fox News and most of … Continue reading

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A Fractional Revolution

When the people rise up as one and overthrow their oppressors you have a revolution. The people want to take their country back, and they do just that. On the other hand, when two-thirds of the people are quite happy … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh and America

When a place is dying people tend to leave. It happened to Ireland – Swift left for London, Joyce and Beckett for Paris, just three among many who found the place was threatening to make them shrivel up, shut up … Continue reading

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