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Act As If You’ve Won and You Have

Everyone knows the power of positive thinking – you imagine the best thing happening, you visualize it, you fill your mind with it so that it is not only real, it sort of has already happened. You make it so … Continue reading

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What a Rush!

It is a strange world indeed. On Friday, January 30, there was this – “The Republican National Committee elected Michael Steele as its first African American chairman today in Washington, a decision that came after an excruciating series of ballots … Continue reading

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It Was Never Going To Be Easy

Of course Grand Rapids is famous for furniture manufacture – but that’s gone – and for Amway – the pyramid marketing company that sort of sells cosmetics and cleaning products, but like all such organizations is about something else entirely … Continue reading

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A Style That Will Take Some Getting Used To and May Not Work

In case you didn’t know, the carefully controlled double-blind study is in, and facts are facts – Boys with Unpopular Names More Likely to Break Law. Don’t name your kid Ernest or Ivan, in spite of that masterful Wilde comedy … Continue reading

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What May be a Big Deal or Nothing Much

Yep, you need a winnowing fan – like in Luke 3:17 – to blow the chaff off the grain. You need to separate the wheat from chaff, to get rid of the useless for the useful. And the winnowing fan … Continue reading

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Assessing What Really Did Change

It’s always about perspective. If you get too close to things you miss the big picture – say you start a war because you’re very angry, and you win quite a few battles, all of them, and you lock up … Continue reading

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Avoidance Behavior

As the second week of the Obama presidency began, the right (the Republicans, the conservatives, the Loyal Opposition – whatever you wish to call them, but they would prefer that you did not call them the losers) – were tying … Continue reading

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