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The Sunday Funnies

Sunday, September 30, was the day we were told we all had been really stupid, and told the assumption that we would continue to be stupid was quite reliable – but the assessments were by two different folks, so it … Continue reading

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Short Notes on US Diplomacy, as Now Practiced

Of course we no longer do diplomacy, at least as it is traditionally practiced.  That has been obvious since 2003 and there is always more to the story – but it’s just depressing.   Diplomacy 1: the art and practice … Continue reading

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Gnawing Old Bones and Thinking of the Real Enemies

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross made her bones with that 1969 book On Death and Dying.  You may have not read the book, and you may not know anyone who has, but you have heard of the “Five Stages of Grief” – the … Continue reading

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The Psychology of the Thing

It seemed like a story out of the past and hardly worth mentioning, but there it was –   El Pais, the highest-circulation daily in Spain, today published what it said was the transcript of a private talk between President … Continue reading

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So Much for the Last Fifty Years

Before the main topic, there’s just one little matter.  The American right was gleeful that Canada finally elected a prime minister who was bluntly pro-American, one who thought George Bush was just fine, and the American way of doing things … Continue reading

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Logic and Family

Sometimes it’s just hard to make sense of things.  Nothing seems logical.  There must be another dynamic at work.   Did anyone notice this in the Washington Post?  That Maliki guy in Iraq is up to something –   He … Continue reading

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He Speaks!

Ah, Monday, September 24, was an odd day.  The bad guy spoke at Columbia –   Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad defended Holocaust revisionists and raised questions about who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks in a tense showdown Monday at … Continue reading

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