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New Year’s Eve

No one writes about politics on New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow, folks, tomorrow.

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Sexual Politics

The news is when the inevitable happens, when it didn’t seem inevitable at all, to cynics who think the rich and powerful and famous will always get away with whatever nasty stuff they’re up to – which is how most … Continue reading

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Exacting Revenge

Americans shouldn’t have to rely on the Brits for embarrassing news about the mood in America, but maybe those proper and civilized folks across the pond take a bit of smug satisfaction in their unruly cousins being crude and mindless … Continue reading

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Policing America

Of course President Obama’s former chief of staff was vacationing in Cuba, when everyone knows that one more year of sanctions and silence, a fifty-fifth year, would topple the Castro regime as the Cuba people would finally be fed up … Continue reading

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The Dark Days

These are the dark days, the dead end of the year when the sun sets early and comes up late, when Christmas is over and it will be days before the big ball drops in Times Square and everyone pretends … Continue reading

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It’s time for the Christmas break, with family, elsewhere. The world can wait. Commentary resumes Sunday evening. See you then, and Merry Christmas.

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Nothing to Fear

A Dutch oven isn’t really an oven – it’s just a big pot – and a Dutch door isn’t much of a door – it’s more a gate with a window on top – and a Dutch treat isn’t a … Continue reading

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