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A Pause

Posting will resume on Wednesday, July 2 – for now it’s off to El Paso. There’s this invitation from the Commander of the 5th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division (the “Front Runners” of Old Ironsides) – my nephew, now … Continue reading

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The Economic Meltdown

Dickens opened his novel about the French Revolution – actually about much more, but set in that time – with those famous words about it being the best of times, and, simultaneously, the worst of times. Everyone knows that opening … Continue reading

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Dialogs of Despair and Confusion

The aim here has always been to get a feel for the zeitgeist – “the spirit of the age” – literally the time (Zeit) spirit (Geist). It’s a Hegel thing:    “Zeitgeist” refers to the ethos of a select group … Continue reading

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Serious, Even More Serious, and Life and Death

Those few of us who follow the news in detail – and there aren’t that many of us – find that some days following the news leaves you flummoxed. Maybe that’s not the word – there’s bewildered, bemused, perplexed, puzzled, … Continue reading

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No Free Pass, Although Certain Conditions Apply

Self-deprecating humor can take you a long way. The current president tries it now and then, but it never works. You have to being willing for folks to see there’s some truth in what you say, that sometimes you do … Continue reading

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No More Mister Nice Guy

After the wedding you find out what that person you married is really like – all that courtship stuff was structured marketing. She takes out the false teeth, takes off the wig, impressively breaks wind with a dumb grin, and … Continue reading

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