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The End of Nonsense, Perhaps

Sometimes technology is merciful. Saturday, May 31, the Democratic Party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee met in Washington to decide what to do with the unsanctioned primaries in Florida and Michigan – and the cable news channels were covering it wall … Continue reading

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You Had To Be There

Do you really get a sense of a place and what’s really going on there from a visit, with a tour guide, a visit where you can ask questions? Some people think so, and out here in Hollywood you can … Continue reading

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Things Will Change, or Must Change

Sometimes you get one of those odd news days – what they call a slow news day – when the news is the residue of the previous day’s blockbuster story, and you can see the next big story barreling down … Continue reading

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What Happened?

Some hot political stories have the lifespan of a fruit-fly. Something seems important, there’s some talk, and then the item disappears. Something else comes up. Whatever it was that was so important is buried by the next important story, which … Continue reading

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Assuming the Worst and the Temptation to Whine

As of Tuesday, May 27, Christopher Beam’s ever-useful Hillary Deathwatch had her chances of winning the Democratic nomination at one half of one percent, for obvious reasons – it was not just the remark about the assassination of Robert Kennedy, … Continue reading

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Why We Fight

Monday, May 26, Memorial Day, was a dark day in Los Angeles – but it had little to do with thoughts of the dead from all the wars, those who fought the good fight. It was just the low, dark … Continue reading

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Focus and Discipline

The dead middle of a three-day weekend, the Sunday before Memorial Day, was not a day for political news. The morning chat shows – Meet the Press and This Week and the others – passed without much notice, and Clinton … Continue reading

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