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The editor is a former systems manager for a large California-based HMO, and a former senior systems manager for Northrop, Hughes-Raytheon, Computer Sciences Corporation, Perot Systems and other such organizations. One position was managing the financial and payroll systems for a large hospital chain. And somewhere in there was a two-year stint in Canada running the systems shop at a General Motors locomotive factory - in London, Ontario. That explains Canadian matters scattered through these pages. Otherwise, think large-scale HR, payroll, financial and manufacturing systems. A résumé is available if you wish. The editor has a graduate degree in Eighteenth-Century British Literature from Duke University where he was a National Woodrow Wilson Fellow, and taught English and music in upstate New York in the seventies, and then in the early eighties moved to California and left teaching. The editor currently resides in Hollywood California, a block north of the Sunset Strip.

News Overtaking News

Americans probably long for the good old days when a big news story stuck around for weeks and weeks – Bill and Monica and that blue dress, something to talk about endlessly, followed by the impeachment and acquittal and then … Continue reading

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A Mid-Month Pause

There’s no Sunday evening column – it was time to drive south and visit with the family down there – long overdue. The world can wait. Carry on.

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The Man Who Creates the Truth

Tomorrow’s headlines today! Before he did all those famous old west drawings and paintings and bronze cowboys and all that, the artist Frederic Remington did sketches for magazines and newspapers, back when photography was still cumbersome and slow and expensive. He … Continue reading

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The Boss from Hell

Everyone knows the boss from hell, or at least the Human Resources Manager from hell, from the comic strip Dilbert – Scott Adams has been at that since 1989 – the clueless Pointy-Haired Boss and all the rest. Adams also … Continue reading

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The Edge of Socialism

No one should be surprised by the popularity of Bernie Sanders, even if he calls himself a “democratic socialist” – which sounds kind of scary. He’s not a Democrat. He never was one. He just ran as one, a matter … Continue reading

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Intervention Time

Interventions seldom go well, as with Natasha Lyonne as Megan Bloomfield in But I’m a Cheerleader – a hoot of a movie. Megan is a sweet young thing, but her parents realize she’s kind of a lesbian, so they sit … Continue reading

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Somehow Moving On

Another 9/11 rolled around. The high-powered Wall Street attorney, who knows more about securities law than anyone in their right mind should know – insert your own joke about lawyers’ odd minds here – called to chat. He was there … Continue reading

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