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The Sum of All Fears

The end of the year is a time to step back and decide where things stand, even if the year ended three hours earlier for the folks in New York, and nine hours earlier for Ric in Paris. They would … Continue reading

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Either Elitist Pretension or Vitally Important Something or Other

On the last Saturday of 2007 there was that historic football game – carried on three networks. But that evening three of us didn’t much care for it. Rick, the News Guy in Atlanta, isn’t much into sports – having … Continue reading

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Letter from Paris: Last Days

Over at the photography site you’ll find Paris Christmas Day: For the Partly Homeless – a photo essay from Our Man in Paris, Ric Erickson, Editor of MetropoleParis.  Below, what the New Year brings to Paris, and to France.  It’s … Continue reading

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On the Campaign Trail

So, if you were advising any of the Republicans or Democrats aching to be the next president, what would you tell them to say, and tell them about how to say it? You’d probably have to tell them what to … Continue reading

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Can We Worry Now?

You pat the little kid on the head and tell him, or her, not to worry. There are things you should worry about, but other things are under control. And so it goes with us and our government – no … Continue reading

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The Post-Christian Christians

Wednesday, December 26 – another celebration of the birthday of the Prince of Peace has come and gone. The Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas on January 7 – December 25 if you use the Julian calendar – but there are … Continue reading

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Paris, Christmas Day

Just posted at the photography site, Paris Christmas Day: For the Partly Homeless – a photo essay from Ric Erickson, Editor of MetropoleParis. This is Mickey, the “house cat” at Le Select.  

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