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Disagreeing About Life in America

Americans have short memories, or at least Republicans do. That’s useful. There are things best forgotten, like that Terri Schiavo business back in 2005 – a national embarrassment. The whole thing began on February 25, 1990, when Terri Schiavo collapsed … Continue reading

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Forced Clarity

It’s the Summer of Trump and the Republican Party, what’s left of it, seems to have no idea for dealing with the phenomenon that is The Donald. He’s running as one of them, but on his own dime – he’s … Continue reading

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Sixty Odd Days

The sixty-day siege began in the middle of July: President Obama eagerly took on critics of the Iran nuclear deal on Wednesday, inviting question after question on an agreement he suggested that many of his political adversaries had not even … Continue reading

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The Spy Walks

There was no Dead Poets Society. That was just a movie – but there were those years teaching English at a prep school in upstate New York – close enough. That did, however, have to end. There’s simply a time … Continue reading

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The Road Taken

Life is full of regrets, or at least wistful speculation. There’s that fork in the road. Choose one way or the other, but know that once you move on, there’s no going back – and you must move on. But … Continue reading

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Reliving the Thirties

When times are tough people look for someone who will make things all better, someone who will knock a few heads together and get things done, not like useless fools now in power, who got us into this mess – … Continue reading

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Changing Lanes

There used to be a crosswalk near a park in South Pasadena that generated a lot of income for the city. A few days a week a patrol car would be parked nearby, and one of the local cops, dressed … Continue reading

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