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Live from the Presidential Debate at the Kodak Theater

JUST ABOVE SUNSET is one of the credentialed bloggers for the final primary debate, Obama versus Clinton, Thursday, January 31, 2008, at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. What’s happening, in reverse chronological order – WRAP – 7:11 PM   That … Continue reading

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Debating the Wrong Things

Just a reminder – JUST ABOVE SUNSET will be blogging live tomorrow evening, January 31, from the Democratic primary debate at the Kodak Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. Press credentials are so cool.  But looking ahead is pointless. Who knows what … Continue reading

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Implications of a Party in Disarray

Tuesday, January 29, was a busy day, with a photo jaunt to the Heart of Screenland and then a few hours at the Kodak Theater on Hollywood Boulevard with the CNN folks – a media walk-through prior to the Thursday … Continue reading

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A Good Day

News editors have a tough job, deciding what the lead story of the day is and what is secondary, and what you toss in if you have time or a few column-inches left here and there. It’s not as simple … Continue reading

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Standards in the New Age of Advocacy Journalism

There would have been no reason to revisit the topic had not that smarmy Washington Post reporter Howard Kurtz interviewed Keith Olbermann on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday, January 27, a dark, rainy morning in Los Angeles, the weekend between … Continue reading

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Saturday with Uncle Bill

Every family has a weird uncle. It’s a rule. He’s the guy who says odd things at inappropriate times, embarrassing everyone – you all look at the floor and wait a beat, and then everyone moves on. You pretend he … Continue reading

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Jesse James and Calvinball

No one knows if he actually said it, but the outlaw Jesse James is often credited with saying “Everyone loves an outlaw” – but really, it hardly matters if he did. He may have been bemused by having fans, considering … Continue reading

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