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The Kids at the Door

The Friday night before Election Day, 2008 – Halloween night, everyone in clever costumes, or cute costumes, or sly and hip costumes, or just clad in some sort of ironic outfit, intending to puzzle you, as what they’re wearing may … Continue reading

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For the Discriminating Voter

As is obvious to even the most casual observer – yeah, you hate that sarcastic and arrogant opening – the current presidential campaign now winding down can easily be reduced to a choice of two general ways of dealing with … Continue reading

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Run Charlie Run

There’s more than you’d ever want to know about the Temptations here – but if you’re of a certain age you remember their amazing, and long, 1972 hit, Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone. One version was seven minutes long, and … Continue reading

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Winning by Provoking Unforced Errors

Of course the end of the presidential campaign each four years means we get those sports metaphors – a candidate really hit a home run with some pithy remark that clarified everything and left his opponent with nothing to say, … Continue reading

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The Possible Limits of Playing Dumb

Playing dumb is useful – everyone knows that. They say pretty girls who are also smart as a whip and know lots about everything learn early on to play dumb – you hide your intelligence, as a quick wit and … Continue reading

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The Pretty Problem Employee

Once each week from September 19, 1970 to March 19, 1977, you could tune to CBS for The Mary Tyler Moore Show – the first sitcom with a single, independent career woman as the central character. Some saw that as … Continue reading

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Avoidance Behavior as the Preferred Option

Friday, October 24, was the day of the worldwide panic sell-off on every market, everywhere – liquidate what you have at a massive loss to cover the redemptions and margin calls. You may be leveraged at thirty or forty to … Continue reading

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