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Good Capitalists

Some of us didn’t get the memo, the one about capitalism being the best thing ever. So we didn’t set out to become rich, only successful – successful at something useful to others, or if not that, something that wasn’t … Continue reading

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Market Fetishists and Moral Hazard

Well, something is in the air. There’s the April 6 issue of Time and that cover story – this recession, or near depression, or whatever it is, will bring an end to the “spirit of excess” that began in the … Continue reading

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On Americans Becoming Something Else Entirely

The recent column on healthcare reform suggested that, conceptually, we find ourselves stuck with a market-based healthcare system, where, when you think about it, the objective is to provide the least possible care at the highest possible cost, as we … Continue reading

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The Sphere of Market Capitalism Might Narrow

Sometimes you’re just too close to the problem, and you lose your ability to formulate the conventional response. Some year ago, after managing the business applications department for a chain of hospitals, the services firm decided that most of us … Continue reading

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Regarding Free-Market Capitalism

Is it game over? If communism came to an end twenty years ago with the collapse of the Soviet Union, is capitalism coming to an end with the current worldwide economic collapse, with giant banks around the world effectively insolvent … Continue reading

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The End of the Chicago Cult

Well, back in 1978, Jonestown came to a bad end – Jim Jones, the funky Kool-Aid, all the dead people. In 1993 there was that Waco business – seventy-six people dead in the fire, including twenty-one children and two pregnant … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Second Thoughts

Yeah, yeah – suffering builds character. People tell you that to make you feel better. Of course you don’t feel better – just depressed and exhausted. But maybe they’re right – maybe the next time, when you are once again … Continue reading

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