Hard Times

Sunday, June 29, 2008 – Hard Times  


Can anybody remember when the times were not hard and money not scarce? ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


The gap in our economy is between what we have and what we think we ought to have – and that is a moral problem, not an economic one. ~ Paul Heyne


Not wishing to be disturbed over moral issues of the political economy, Americans cling to the notion that the government is a sort of automatic machine, regulated by the balancing of competing interests. ~ C. Wright Mills


The whole of the global economy is based on supplying the cravings of two per cent of the world’s population. ~ Bill Bryson


All social rules and all relations between individuals are eroded by a cash economy, avarice drags Pluto himself out of the bowels of the earth. ~ Karl Marx


Today we have a temporary aberration called “industrial capitalism” which is inadvertently liquidating its two most important sources of capital… the natural world and properly functioning societies. No sensible capitalist would do that. ~ Amory Lovins


The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists. ~ Ernest Hemingway


An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn’t happen today. ~ Laurence J. Peter


Ask five economists and you’ll get five different answers (six if one went to Harvard). ~ Edgar R. Fiedler


The economy depends about as much on economists as the weather does on weather forecasters. ~ Jean-Paul Kauffmann


The only reason a great many American families don’t own an elephant is that they have never been offered an elephant for a dollar down and easy weekly payments. ~ Mad Magazine


If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments. ~ Earl Wilson


Frugality is founded on the principal that all riches have limits. ~ Edmund Burke


It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating. ~ Oscar Wilde


Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping. ~ Bo Derek


If you want to see what God thinks of money, just look at all the people He gave it to. ~ Dorothy Parker


A woman’s mink coat represents the sacrifice of a lot of little animals, including her husband. ~ Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic’s Notebook, 1966


The rich are the scum of the earth in every country. ~ G. K. Chesterton, Flying Inn (1914)


I don’t like money, actually, but it quiets my nerves. ~ Joe Louis


Someday I want to be rich. Some people get so rich they lose all respect for humanity. That’s how rich I want to be. ~ Rita Rudner


I’m not a paranoid deranged millionaire. Goddamit, I’m a billionaire. ~ Howard Hughes


Life shouldn’t be printed on dollar bills. ~ Clifford Odets


I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money. ~ Pablo Picasso


It’s a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money. ~ Albert Camus


If all the rich people in the world divided up their money among themselves there wouldn’t be enough to go around. ~ Christina Stead


God is on everyone’s side … and, in the last analysis, he is on the side with plenty of money and large armies. ~ Jean Anouilh


Money doesn’t talk, it swears. ~ Bob Dylan, “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”


Money frees you from doing things you dislike. Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy. ~ Groucho Marx


Part of the ten million I spent on gambling, part on booze and part on women. The rest I spent foolishly. ~ George Raft


I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something. ~ Jackie Mason


Money can’t buy friends, but it can get you a better class of enemy. ~ Spike Milligan


I cannot afford to waste my time making money. ~ Louis Agassiz


When we truly discover love, capitalism will not be possible and Marxism will not be necessary. ~ Will O’Brien


Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons. ~ Woody Allen


Money is something you have to make in case you don’t die. ~ Max Asnas


No matter how rich you become, how famous or powerful, when you die the size of your funeral will still pretty much depend on the weather. ~ Michael Pritchard