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The Essential Sickness

Monday in the middle of August and a hot and hazy day in Hollywood – that light brown photochemical smog that was supposed to be a thing of the past returned. It happens. You try not to breathe that much. … Continue reading

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Slapping Down the Invisible Hand

Change may be in the air. Conor Friedersdorf, subbing for Andrew Sullivan at the Atlantic, decided it was time to quote Eric Hoffer in The True Believer: When people are ripe for a mass movement, they are usually ripe for … Continue reading

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Regarding Greed and Chaos

It’s not 1987 anymore – the year Oliver Stone’s Wall Street was a big hit. Michael Douglas won the Oscar for best actor for his work in that movie. Douglas played Gordon Gekko and delivered that famous greed is good … Continue reading

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Special People

In this country it seems there are those with a sense of personal responsibility – the doers, who ask nothing of anyone and get everything done – and those who just take and expect more. And you didn’t pay your … Continue reading

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After Capitalism

Is capitalism over? Who would ask such a thing? Given our slowly accelerating economic disintegration, and the attendant political firestorm regarding who is to blame for it all and who has the best ideas to fix things, the question hasn’t … Continue reading

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Regarding Free-Market Capitalism

Is it game over? If communism came to an end twenty years ago with the collapse of the Soviet Union, is capitalism coming to an end with the current worldwide economic collapse, with giant banks around the world effectively insolvent … Continue reading

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How Did It Come To This?

It happens every December – suddenly it’s Christmas, and then it’s not, and the year is ending. That means it’s time for the retrospectives – all that looking back stuff, looking at the year gone by to try to figure … Continue reading

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