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Stepping Back

News junkies and policy wonks – if you are reading these words you just might be one of them – know the dead time. Between the big events you know are coming, given the big events that just happened, lies … Continue reading

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The Grateful Dead Republicans

Somebody has to do something, and it’s just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us. ~ Jerry Garcia   Jerry Garcia and his buddies called the band the Grateful Dead in a flourish of stoner irony – it was … Continue reading

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Maybe It Was Always Too Late

Everyone learns the lesson. Get old enough – make it through all the decades and come out the other end, the kids grown and gone and the daily grind of striving and climbing, something you now vaguely recall glancing at … Continue reading

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Charging McCain with Contempt

It is often said that when Nixon debated Kennedy in late September, 1960, those who heard the debate on the radio thought Nixon had wiped the floor with Kennedy and had pretty much won the election that night, while those … Continue reading

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The Second-Rate First Presidential Debate

One of the advantages to living way out here on the West Coast is that everything important happens when it’s late elsewhere. Being three time zones away from the real world – the centers of importance, New York and Washington … Continue reading

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Governance by Farce

You can read all about Georges Feydeau here – the master of the farce, although obscure to most Americans. He passed away in 1921 – a major French playwright of La Belle Époque, and a very clever fellow, even if … Continue reading

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Desperate Times and Desperate Measures

Etiology is the study of causation – a word used in medical and philosophical theories where you’re trying to figure out why things occur, or the reasons behind the way that things act the way they act. So doctors – … Continue reading

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