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On the Outside Looking In

One of the necessary conditions for a democracy to work is a critical mass of policy wonks and political junkies – you need an informed public who understand what the issues are, and, structurally, how power is amassed and wielded, … Continue reading

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Charlie Sheen’s America

Yeah, sixteen years and counting here in Hollywood and you get used to certain things. The apartment building looks like something from the first run of that old show Melrose Place, with the pool in the middle and the cute … Continue reading

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The Identity Politics of Middle Aged White Suburban Conformists

Competitiveness is a fine thing. Late in the game the aging ballplayer with bad knees, who hadn’t played for weeks, comes out of the locker room, where he’d been dressing to go home once again, hobbles to the plate, and … Continue reading

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Making Sure Nothing Much Happens

It’s not like you think. It never is. Sure, you watch the crime shows, the police procedurals, and read James Elroy or whatever, but if you have a cop in the family you realize most police work is rather boring. … Continue reading

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Dealing With the Resentful Who Don’t Get Out Much

Everyone agrees Mondays are a drag. And this Monday morning, thankfully the last one of those this March, the New York Times paywall goes up – no one reads for free anymore. They’ve already lost Frank Rich, and now Bob … Continue reading

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Listening To Echoes

Maybe Sarah Palin and all the social conservatives before her are right – live out here in Los Angeles, and particularly in Hollywood, and you develop a different sense of things. They chatter on about Hollywood Values, or the obvious … Continue reading

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Different cultures, different figures of speech – it seems in the British broadcasting media they call them tumbleweed moments – you’re doing an interview and suddenly your subject goes silent – dead air. The tumbleweeds drift across the dusty streets … Continue reading

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