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Added Saturday, December 12, 2009 – MainStreetRadical – “The name Mainsteet Radical harkins to the average mainstream people that came out to protest at tax day tea parties. These were everyday folks many of whom took up a political cause for the first time. It is seldom that the conserative voice has been expressed in this manner and it will be the independent rather than mainstream media that covers that voice.”

Added April 10, 2009 – Stump Report – Phil Kammer, conservative

A unique aggregator – poliNEWS – is a web application that allows you to submit an article that will be reviewed by all and will be promoted, based on popularity, to the main page. When a user submits a news article it will be placed in the “queued” area until it gains sufficient votes to be promoted to the main page.

Michael Johns – Public policy and industry leader Michael Johns, a former White House Speechwriter, Heritage Foundation policy analyst and award-winning writer, provides periodic analysis on global affairs, the economy and other topics.

The Pathways to Philosophy web site was launched in 1997, the leading provider of distance learning courses in philosophy with students in over 60 countries. In this item there is a link to Philosophy Now magazine, and readers might find the following of interest – the Pathways school of philosophy (online courses run by the International Society for Philosophers), Philosophy Pathways (free monthly e-journal for general philosophy launched in 2001) and Ask a Philosopher (submit a question and receive an answer from a philosopher). Thanks to Dr Geoffrey Klempner, Director of Studies.

Added Friday, December 14, 2007 – The Mersman Political Blog, a useful source with many links

March 6, 2005 – Velvel on National Affairs – “sets forth the personal views of the Dean of the Massachusetts School of Law, Lawrence R. Velvel, on national events. Occasionally, the responses to his views or other interesting articles are also posted.” This is for those of a legal turn of mind on current events.


Memeorandum – continually updates, links original news stories with links to all major commentary on the item, all by topics

PBD – Progressive Blog Digest – as it says

Real Clear Politics – links to the major editorials of the day, about two-thirds on the right side of things, with some commentary

Crooks and Liars – the source for media clips

Townhall – daily collection of major conservative opinion pieces

The Smirking Chimp – daily collection of anti-Bush items, sometimes carries former columnist here, Bob Patterson


Slate – formerly a joint venture of Microsoft and MSNBC, now owned by the Washington Post group – somewhat mainstream – carries good summaries of movies, and book reviews too

Salon – Joan Walsh, editor – you’ve seen her on televison

The Huffington Post – Arianna Huffington’s stable of big-gun celebrity commentators, and more

The Press – media industry news, commentary, and memos

CJR Daily – from the Columbia School of Journalism

Editor and Publisher (closed down December 31, 2009)

Poynter Online

Media Matters

World Politics Review

Today’s Front Pages – images (.pdf) of 488 front pages from 42 counties, with links to the papers – test your language skills

News Voyager – links to all major dailies, weeklies, and college new publications, and media organizations – includes Canada and other international papers

The Usual Suspects

The Daily Kos – the most visited blog on the left

Eschaton – Duncan Black, every lefty’s basic issues

Hullabaloo – Digby is blunt and essential – one of the best

Political Animal – Steven Benen and Hilzoy (Hilary Bok)

Andrew Sullivan – issues as seen by a conservative gay right-wing Republican, born and raised in the UK but now living at the tip of Cape Cod. Yep, he’s conflicted.

Matthew Yglesias

Kevin Drum – reasonable progressive, down in Irvine

Talk Left – creator and principal author, defense attorney Jeralyn Merritt

The Volokh Conspiracy – a big-gun UCLA law professor, his students and friends hold forth on the issues of the day, from the prospective of constitutional, criminal and copyright law

The Reality-Based Community – UCLA public policy professor Mark Kleiman and friends

Talking Points Memo – Joshua Micah Marshall, the ultimate Washington insider (see also TPM Cafe, the group blog)

Informed Comment – Juan Cole, University of Michigan professor and Middle East expert, on matters there

Semi-Daily Journal – Professor Brad Delong of UC Berkeley – used to work in the White House as an economist for the Clinton Administration – mostly about economic issues

Altercation – Eric Alterman, NYU professor and author, Monday through Friday

Tapped – the blog of The America Prospect

This Modern World – the political cartoonist Tom Tomorrow and his friends hold forth on the day’s issues

James Wolcott – the man from Vanity Fair, extraordinary prose

Local: LA Observed

Other Blogs of Note

Michelle Malkin

Hugh Hewitt

Glenn Greenwald

Juan Cole

Stephen Bainbridge

Balloon Juice

Thomas P.M. Barnett

The Baseline Scenario

Becker And Posner Blog

Calculated Risk


Hendrik Hertzberg

Thomas Ricks

Nouriel Roubini

Felix Salmon

Greg Sargent

Dan Savage


And more …

Spencer Ackerman


Asymmetrical Information

Brian Beutler

Beautiful Horizons

Busy, Busy, Busy

Juan Cole

The Corner (National Review Online)

Danger Room

Democracy Arsenal

Democratic Strategist

Daniel Drezner





Joanne Jacobs

Just One Minute


Ezra Klein

Kung Fu Monkey (John Rogers)

Marginal Revolution


Making Light

Chris Mooney


Mystery Pollster

Nathan Newman


Brendan Nyhan

Obsidian Wings

The Oil Drum

Outside the Beltway


Brad Plumer

Virginia Postrel

Professor Bainbridge

Red State

Sadly, No!

Julian Sanchez

Shakespeare’s Sister

The Sideshow

skippy the bush kangaroo

Suburban Guerrilla

Swampland (Time magazine)

War and Piece

Washington Note

Matt Welch

Oliver Willis

Winds of Change


For what’s up in France try these:

The Tocqueville Connection – for AFP wire items in English updated several times a day

Vidéos – Voir le 13h et le 20h – free streaming video feeds from TF1 television in Paris, including the full afternoon and evening news shows (in French)

Also of interest, the blog of a French journalist, living out here and covering Los Angeles and Hollywood for the French press, Emmanuelle Richard (in French and English)

For amusement, French Word-A-Day

The Arts

Arts and Letters Daily – a service of The Chronicle of Higher Education providing links to stories on music and all the arts, book reviews of note, and some politics


Books Inq



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