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The Last Night

No Thursday evening column – New Year’s Eve, you see, and there are other things to do, having to do with the end of the year and the end of the decade, and behavior appropriate to that. This is what … Continue reading

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Double End Times

So 2009 passes into history, and so does the first decade of this new century – on the night of a full moon and a partial lunar eclipse. But the eclipse won’t be visible in America. Don’t worry about it. … Continue reading

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Yep, it was decades ago, but some things never change. Graduate students take themselves far too seriously. But that may be necessary. You get called into your professor’s office for a chat about your last paper, which was fine analysis … Continue reading

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Spinning What Didn’t Actually Happen

For Sherlock Holmes it was the dog that didn’t bark in the night: Gregory: “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?” Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.” Gregory: … Continue reading

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The Irresistible Urge to Overreact to Prove Your Seriousness

Okay, it was Paris, at Charles De Gaulle International Airport (CDG – or Charlie to some, or Chuck). It was the morning of December 23, 2001 – standing in line to check the bags full of Christmas presents for the … Continue reading

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Obama at Christmas

Of course this was inevitable: Being irritable, grumpy and seeking social isolation are hallmarks of depression and may explain why the Grinch hated Christmas, a U.S. psychologist suggests. Cynthia Bulik of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill says … Continue reading

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Lessons from Hollywood

It’s one of those things studio execs worry about out here in Hollywood. You need to sell tickets, and foreign rights, and cable rights, and DVD’s and maybe product tie-ins – making movies is expensive, when low-budget is anything under … Continue reading

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