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Rush Sex

Let’s talk about sex. And let’s talk about Rush Limbaugh. And as unlikely as it seems, given his less than impressive visage and far beyond ample physique, and his problematic personality, now we have to yoke the two together. The … Continue reading

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When Bullies Apologize

“Apology is only egotism wrong side out.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes It was a strange weekend, but handled appropriately. When you want to bury a story that is a bit embarrassing you release it late Friday, just after the broadcast … Continue reading

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How Such Things Happen

A quiet Friday evening here in the dead center of Hollywood – with the pretty people just down the block on the Sunset Strip, hitting the famous clubs, and the twenty-something crowd off to the left a few blocks, at … Continue reading

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The Last Wasp

In early 1995 they were gone. The Los Angeles Rams were gone, off to St. Louis. And Los Angeles, the second largest city in America, and the second largest media market, was without a National Football League team. It was … Continue reading

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Core Values and Moral Relativism

Neighborhood Note: This was an odd day in Hollywood. In the morning, the major sex symbol of the seventies, Farah Fawcett, died – at Saint John’s Hospital over in Santa Monica. She was sixty-two. Many of us are. And in … Continue reading

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They Say Acceptance Comes Last

It bears repeating – one must not confuse Hollywood with the rest of Southern California. Hollywood is the place with all the wild-eyed liberals – actors with causes and all the rest.   But much of Southern California is quite … Continue reading

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The Big March Wind

After Rush Limbaugh’s keynote speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference on the last day of February – discussed in context here – the country should have moved on to other matters. The first trading day in March brought us … Continue reading

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