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Looking Back

New Years Eve here in Hollywood was quiet this year. It was quiet everywhere, as in Economy Puts Damper on New Year’s Eve Celebrations, the Associated Press noting that things were tough all over:   Public celebrations were canceled in … Continue reading

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Gridlock Assured

The question is where we go from here. The economy is collapsing, as is rather obvious:   The worst financial crisis in over 80 years, sparked by the meltdown of the risky US subprime mortgage market, made this year one … Continue reading

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Defining Ideology through Negation

Maybe it’s a Texas thing – you know, having something to do with Asleep at the Wheel, that Austin-based Grammy-winning Western Swing outfit – the Kings of Texas Swing (everything you ever wanted to know about the guys here). They’re … Continue reading

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Out of Control

As this extraordinary year ends you get news stories like this:   Investors are preparing to close out the last three trading days of 2008, a year in which Wall Street has logged its worst performance since Herbert Hoover was … Continue reading

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The End of the Chicago Cult

Well, back in 1978, Jonestown came to a bad end – Jim Jones, the funky Kool-Aid, all the dead people. In 1993 there was that Waco business – seventy-six people dead in the fire, including twenty-one children and two pregnant … Continue reading

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Sexual Politics

College in the sixties was hard enough, what with 1968 falling in our junior year – social and political upheavals left and right, new music to attend to, the Beatles and Hendrix and all, movies like 2001 and Bullitt, and … Continue reading

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Christmas Break – Back on Friday

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