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Battleground Ohio

Cincinnati is a pretty nice place – here are pages and pages of photographic proof – but nothing much happens there. Mark Twain once said that if the world came to an end he wanted to be in Cincinnati. Everything … Continue reading

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The Killer Application

Back in the late eighties and into the nineties we were waiting for the next killer application – and we were the propeller-heads deep into systems. We were programming, crudely, but making all sort of information jump through hoops and … Continue reading

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Game On

Sunday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day was right where it should be. This is the holiday all guys dread, the one day when you’re supposed to be all open and emotionally direct, and not the strong silent type impatient with … Continue reading

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The Bullies Protest Their Exile

Everyone remembers the strange saga of John Bolton – the man who said the United Nations was a sad assembly of fools and thieves and whores, and that he wouldn’t mind if someone blew off the top ten floors of … Continue reading

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Winston Churchill Appropriated by the Other Guy

At exactly one hundred days into the Obama presidency there was the landmark primetime news conference – every broadcast network but Fox covered it. And of course much was said about it – but apparently not enough. Things change fast … Continue reading

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Regarding Free-Market Capitalism

Is it game over? If communism came to an end twenty years ago with the collapse of the Soviet Union, is capitalism coming to an end with the current worldwide economic collapse, with giant banks around the world effectively insolvent … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing as a Way of Life

The actual results of the 2008 presidential election don’t bear it out, but, having friends and family out here, it’s easy to assume that everyone south of Los Angeles County – those in almost entirely Republican Orange County and in … Continue reading

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