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The Last of July

This may be the last for a bit. Doing some necessary things today, as tomorrow, early Friday morning, is the long-planned surgery at the big hospital down the street. And their plan is that they send me home late Friday evening, … Continue reading

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Guessing What Happens

Wednesday, July 27 – madness in Washington and worry on Wall Street: Stocks retreated deep into negative territory on Wednesday as Congress remained stalled on resolving the debt ceiling, and an economic report showed a significant slowdown in the U.S. … Continue reading

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Friends say Anne Applebaum is cool – but of course she’s in another world, that of the international public intellectual. There are few of those, and in her case her 2003 book Gulag: A History won the Pulitzer Prize for … Continue reading

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Meanwhile In Norway

Monday, July 25 – and again nothing happened, save for what ABC News headlined as the Debt Duel – Obama preempted primetime and said we needed to resolve the standoff on raising the debt limit now, and the way to … Continue reading

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Nothing Happened

The problem with any detailed discussion of the myriad implications of what just happened – some startling, some alarming, some reassuring – is that any such discussion depends on something happening. And this weekend – with the ongoing negotiations on … Continue reading

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Henry Clay is Dead

Ah, it’s a feature here that no one really notices – right up there up top, in the menu – each Sunday there’s a new collection of pithy and amusing quotes – for those who don’t care for the long … Continue reading

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Late Broken News

In the news business they’re known as the Friday Night Follies – say you’re a politician who has something that needs to be made public, but it will cause no end of trouble, so you announce it after five in … Continue reading

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