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And Then Things Got Worse

And then things got worse – an all-purpose phrase for everything since September 1939 or so, or perhaps universally useful. Yes, your Republican friends warned you – don’t vote us out of office, there’ll be hell to pay. Maybe you … Continue reading

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Sleepwalking into Empire

June 1990 seems so long ago. It was June at West Point and the graduation ceremonies were impressive. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Colin Powell, gave the commencement address: General Powell, President Bush’s chief military adviser, called on the … Continue reading

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Regarding Morally Odious Morons

By Friday, May 29 – the end of May – it had become clear that the political party no longer in power, the Republicans, had imploded. It was the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, and the de … Continue reading

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Identity Politics as Surreal Performance Art

When what was once terribly important is, for some reason, no longer that important, and what was used to sway public opinion and taste mysteriously simply stops working, what you have left is camp – whatever it was is now … Continue reading

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Boldly Fighting the Already Lost Cultural War

Unless you’re insecure and defensive about where you’re from, where you’ve been, who you know, and of course what you know – culture wars are kind of fun. They have nothing to do with being fat, ugly, old and smelly. … Continue reading

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Faking Your Opponents Out of Their Shoes

Sometimes you just have to change the subject – the issues are too hot, the useful options too few, and all all you see is worry around you, save for the few engaged in angry rants. Nothing is going to … Continue reading

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The Losing Battle against the Feminization of Everything

Working in Canada for two years might have been an awful exile from Hollywood, but London, Ontario, is a good place – the Forest City, with trees everywhere of course, and good honest people, the best friends you could ever … Continue reading

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