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Uniquely American

American exceptionalism is a wonderful thing. We’re not just proud of who we are, or think we’re better than anyone else, we claim that’s not a matter of degree at all – we’re actually different from everyone else in the … Continue reading

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American Authoritarian Tradition

For most of the population it is hard to get a sense of the cultural upheavals of the late sixties. They’re too young. They weren’t there. That’s ancient history – odd doings in Paris in May of 1968, and later … Continue reading

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The Unavoidable Sadness of Tradition

Everyone likes tradition – mistletoe at Christmas and fireworks on the Fourth of July. Tradition is comforting, and it’s profitable – right now it’s Fiddler on the Roof down the street on stage at the Pantages, with Topol doing Tevye … Continue reading

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The Peculiar and Pointless Race to the Bottom

The fiscal conservatives and Republicans and those on the right who call themselves the Values Voters – each alone or in various combinations – quickly realized this new president would pose a problem. President Obama seems to have an unusual … Continue reading

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Not Noticing You Have Lost Is Not the Same as Winning

Ah, the last week in July – with America getting used to its first black president, thunderstorms rolling across Manhattan and brutal, dry heat from Tucson to Tacoma out west, with fires in the hills. What was Gershwin thinking with … Continue reading

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Pretending Things Aren’t That Complicated

It’s been one long interaction with the healthcare industry. In grad school it was working as a ward clerk at the university hospital – there most of the lessons learned were about the tenuous relationship between a doctor’s handwriting and … Continue reading

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What Didn’t Happen

It’s not as interesting as Sherlock Holmes solving that baffling case because of one key clue: Gregory: “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?” Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in … Continue reading

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