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When Being Seriously Wrong Is Good

Yep, we’re in trouble. And the issue at the moment is the debt ceiling, which must be raised or for the first time in our history the United States goes into default – we cannot pay what is due on … Continue reading

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Assigning Blame for the Needless Upcoming Disaster

August 4, 1792 – the birth of Percy Bysshe Shelley, the most irritatingly sensitive of those weepy Romantic poets – and August 4, 1901 – the birth of Louis Armstrong, and thus the birth of Americans jazz (if you can … Continue reading

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Nothing Exciting

Ah, teaching adolescents was many decades ago – but thinking back on that whole business it seemed the trick to make things exciting, or engaging, or at least not so boring that those young folks were reduced to tears, or … Continue reading

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On Surviving High Drama

High drama is just tiresome – like listening to Celine Dion singing in one of her shows in Las Vegas. That woman always starts out emoting in fortissimo, forceful and intense, and then cranks it up to quadruple fortissimo and … Continue reading

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Motive, Means and Opportunity

There was Agatha Christie’s detective Hercule Poirot – a great name – and in the fifties it was Joe Friday on Dragnet. That’s another cool name. Then in the sixties it was Perry Mason and by the eighties we had … Continue reading

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Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game?

Almost everyone finds politicians useless, but if pressed, would find it hard to say why. We elect these guys to keep things running reasonably smoothly, or at least to keep collapse and catastrophe at bay – and with the vague … Continue reading

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Making Unscheduled Major Historic Change

Friday nights are supposed to be quiet, at least once you’re past that dating and nightlife business. Up the street on Hollywood Boulevard the clubs start thumping about ten with that techno-trance stuff, and down the block on the Sunset … Continue reading

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