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The Gambler Revisited

Here’s an idea. Perhaps writing off sunk costs and doing something else is not the same thing as giving up and accepting that you’ve failed, shamefully. Sometimes it’s real wisdom. Kenny Rogers sang about that. You know, about knowing when … Continue reading

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Deciding Who Should Be In Charge

In the 2008 primaries, when all was said and done, you could say the Republicans simply settled for John McCain as their candidate, by default. Giuliani was a bust – beyond his 9/11 shtick there was nothing there, and he … Continue reading

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The Return of Subversive Thinking

It was midway through those long years of teaching English to late adolescents back in the seventies when it became quite clear – there are two ways of thinking about education that can never coexist. Either education opens you up … Continue reading

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Seriously Wrong Success

If you’re bit to the left you do get used to being told you’re profoundly unserious. Most people are kind enough not to call you stupid to your face, they just say you’re idealistic and hopelessly naïve, which they find … Continue reading

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No Frogs Here

Ah, this was the week of the Glenn Beck frog scandal – read all about it here (with the video clip): You know the old saying, if you put a frog into boiling water, he’s going to jump right out, … Continue reading

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So This Is How It’s Done

Hey, wait, Fridays are supposed to be slow news days. You know, things wind down, everyone heads home. But this was interesting: President Obama and his allies raced Friday to use their revelation of a secret Iranian nuclear enrichment plant … Continue reading

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The Bullies Protest Their Exile

Everyone remembers the strange saga of John Bolton – the man who said the United Nations was a sad assembly of fools and thieves and whores, and that he wouldn’t mind if someone blew off the top ten floors of … Continue reading

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