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Going Retro

Someone is still honest in Hollywood. Roland Emmerich, that German fellow who now lives up in the Hollywood Hills, is one of those people. He says he likes making action-packed absurdities – with superb production values. His movies are fast-paced, … Continue reading

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Not Even an Echo

Barry Goldwater was never going to be president. Back in 1964, when he ran against Lyndon Johnson, what he offered America, America wasn’t buying. Johnson won in a landslide, probably because Goldwater actually did offer what he liked to call … Continue reading

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Insults as Strategy

The old joke is that old people read the obituaries in the morning paper first thing – to find out if they’re dead yet. If you don’t see your name you turn to the sports section or whatever. You’ve got … Continue reading

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Conceding the Inevitable

Everyone has to end up somewhere. Still it’s odd to have ended up here in Hollywood, a block up the street from the Sunset Strip, a few doors up from the quiet apartment building from the thirties where F. Scott … Continue reading

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And That’s That

Everyone likes being let off the hook at the last minute – someone else was assigned the unpleasant task, final exams were cancelled, or way back when, in the draft lottery, your birthday came up way late in the draw … Continue reading

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In Transit

We’re old now. After the amazing sixties ended – graduation in the last June of the decade, with the Beatles calling it off, with Richard Nixon in the White House, with Henry Kissinger at his side – adulthood began, such … Continue reading

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A Short Summer Pause

There is no Sunday evening column – a full day with the family to watch a bit of baseball – kids’ baseball, not a bunch of sulking millionaires with an attitude. It is summer after all. The political world, and … Continue reading

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