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Judging Matters Dispassionately

They say love is blind. They say that for a reason. No one figured out why sensible Cynthia married feckless Reginald, or why the fetching Norma Sue married that no-account loser, Billy Bob – or mix and match as you … Continue reading

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Fighting the Noble Battle against the Inevitable Stupid

Tuesday, April 29, didn’t seem like a good day for throwing anyone under the bus. The bus probably wasn’t moving. The Washington Post explains why:    In every state, the average price of diesel fuel was more than $4 a … Continue reading

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The Day of the Locust

The last Monday in April in Los Angeles – in the mid-nineties by noon, blazing sun, and humid – you didn’t want to move. And you saw those dark clouds off to the north now and then. There might be … Continue reading

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No Sunday Night Column

Spent the day elsewhere – for a giggle visit the photography site, particularly this page. Commentary will resume Monday.      

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Those Dread Tales

You’d think someone who has won the Nobel Prize would know a thing or two. Harold Pinter won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2005 – the Swedish Academy said Pinter was “generally regarded as the foremost representative of British … Continue reading

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The Overlooked Explosive News Story

With this being an election year and the Democrats locked in one nasty battle over who will run against Gramps McCain, the forgetful and often confused apparent Republican nominee, much of what would normally be big news got buried in … Continue reading

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Obama Takes Paris!

  From Our Man in Paris, Ric Erickson, editor of MetropoleParis:   Paris, Friday, April 25 – Folks here are getting restless. Our president was on TV last night for 90 minutes explaining why reforms take so long in France. … Continue reading

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