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The Persistence of Resentment

Sometimes there’s just something in the air, and everyone seems to come to the same conclusion all at once, without prompting of any sort. What was perhaps implicit suddenly becomes quite explicit – and it’s not that great minds think … Continue reading

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The Problem with Demanding Loyalty

“I promise as a good American citizen to do my part for the NRA. I will buy only where the Blue Eagle flies.”   Yeah, that was the loyalty oath the kids chanted back in the Great Depression – you … Continue reading

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Searching for Villains

There’s always that problem in times of change – something really new is going on, it makes you uncomfortable, and you want to explain why you think it, whatever it is, is bad. But of course, since it’s new to … Continue reading

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Embracing Appropriate Disinterest

Is it possible to be profoundly disinterested? Those two words don’t belong together – but then sometimes they do. The nature of religion, the intricacies and nuances of this theology or that, the moral standards and ethical imperatives that are … Continue reading

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Ask For Real Change and You May Get It

It’s a rule, or should be – when people say they’re tired of the way things have been going, when they’re really fed up, and they throw up their hands and say they want real change, they only want the … Continue reading

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The Kind Of Epochal Events One Reads About In Books

Another Monday and another government bailout – Monday, November 24, it was the Massive 300-Billion Dollar Rescue for Citigroup. Yeah, whatever – you get used to the idea things are falling apart, and that the last fifty-seven days of the … Continue reading

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The Dog Ate My Homework

All those years of teaching, and not once did one student ever use that classic line – the dog ate my homework. Well, once or twice a year one of them grinned and said that – then handed in the … Continue reading

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