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Committing Journalism

The seventies were an odd time – CNN just presented a series on those years – something to fill the summer months – but of course much was left out. They didn’t mention the cultural shift that happened in 1976 … Continue reading

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Objectionable Objectivity

California is what it is. After more than sixteen years here in this place in Hollywood, what with all the minor earthquakes, and the sonic boom that shook the place hard each time the Space Shuttle was forced to land … Continue reading

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Pretending the Press Is What You Think It Should Be

It is probably right to assume that those who work in the news business – the folks at the Associated Press and Reuters, in broadcast and cable news, and the few remaining people who work for newspapers – refer to … Continue reading

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Standards in the New Age of Advocacy Journalism

There would have been no reason to revisit the topic had not that smarmy Washington Post reporter Howard Kurtz interviewed Keith Olbermann on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday, January 27, a dark, rainy morning in Los Angeles, the weekend between … Continue reading

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