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Imitations of Authenticity

Back in the seventies it was playing in the pit band for a local production of that gloriously silly musical Bye-Bye Birdie – roughly, Elvis gets drafted and American teenage girls go all woozy and their parents don’t understand them, … Continue reading

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Those Limbs and Outward Flourishes

Let’s go back to high school, where you had to endure the unmitigated agony of Shakespeare – the words made no sense and the man ran on forever, and you had to write an essay or two along the way, … Continue reading

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Make Mine a Cosmopolitan

The words came from a guy who makes a good living selling somewhat absurd and quite expensive European cars to insecure strivers in a dying city in the Rust Belt – “There’s an ass for every seat.” Yep, you can … Continue reading

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The Cradle of Vague Discontents and Unfocused Rage

They call Greece the Cradle of Western Civilization. Systematic thinking started there – science as we now know it, philosophy based on formal logic and deductive reasoning, not faith, the basics of mathematics, and drama, both tragic and comic, and … Continue reading

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Magnanimity and Maturity

Finally it came down to doughnuts:   Parts of the left continue to give President-elect Barack Obama flack for inviting the Rev. Rick Warren, head of the evangelical Saddleback Church in Southern California, to deliver the invocation at the inauguration … Continue reading

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The Saturday before Thanksgiving in America – or in this part of America, as the Canadians have their Thanksgiving a month earlier and no one south of the Rio Grande has much use for the Pilgrims and other such folks … Continue reading

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Immediate Historical Perspective

When you get to be an old coot you find yourself muttering under your breath that no one knows anything about the past. No one knows their history – how we got into this war or that, the time the … Continue reading

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