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Clearing Up Basic Misunderstandings

When John Kerry lost to George Bush in 2004 there was a great deal of talk about how Kerry managed to lose, centering on the quite questionable vote in Ohio, but then becoming more generalized – talk of Kerry’s aloofness, … Continue reading

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McCain’s Press Pass Now Crucial

A quiet Sunday evening here in Hollywood – long shadows in the Hollywood Hills outside the window, a light breeze off the distant Pacific, the just-past-full moon about to edge up into the darkening sky, and only one police helicopter … Continue reading

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Things Will Change, or Must Change

Sometimes you get one of those odd news days – what they call a slow news day – when the news is the residue of the previous day’s blockbuster story, and you can see the next big story barreling down … Continue reading

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Short Attention Span Nation

If you glance over at the right-hand column, the boilerplate stuff, you’ll see why this is a low-traffic site, a hundred or so hits a day. Oh, now and then CNN or Crooks and Liars or Andrew Sullivan links to … Continue reading

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Judging Matters Dispassionately

They say love is blind. They say that for a reason. No one figured out why sensible Cynthia married feckless Reginald, or why the fetching Norma Sue married that no-account loser, Billy Bob – or mix and match as you … Continue reading

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Bright Shiny Objects

As performed by National Lampoon on “National Lampoon Radio Dinner” (1972, Blue Thumb Records), from Deteriorata – “Remember my son, a walk through the ocean of most people’s souls would not even wet your ankles.”   If you want to … Continue reading

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Putting It to Rest

As mentioned before, back in the sixties there was that anti-Nixon poster – Would You Buy a Used Car from This Man? At the time, and probably still, the least respected folks in America were that damned used car salesman … Continue reading

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