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The Edge of Socialism

No one should be surprised by the popularity of Bernie Sanders, even if he calls himself a “democratic socialist” – which sounds kind of scary. He’s not a Democrat. He never was one. He just ran as one, a matter … Continue reading

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Death as the Great Instructor of Personal Responsibility

There is much about conservatives that liberals just don’t get – but conservatives like it that way. Liberals are big on that notion that you should walk a mile in the other guy’s shoes – you try to understand others. … Continue reading

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The Curious One Man Who Controls the Fate of the Nation

When it’s a close-run thing just one person can make a difference and change everything – like in a football game tied in overtime when the hopelessly obscure fellow subbing for an injured substitute linebacker, who had himself been subbing … Continue reading

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Arguing Over the Oddest Things

It’s become a surreal absurdist game – like a Beckett play rewritten by Tom Stoppard – while waiting for Godot, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, or realize they are, and maybe always have been – soon to be a major … Continue reading

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Churchill Weeps

Some found it tiresome that George Bush was endlessly comparing himself to Winston Churchill: The president admires the wartime British prime minister so much that he keeps what he calls “a stern-looking bust” of Churchill in the Oval Office. “He … Continue reading

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Only Life and Death and Financial Ruin

Okay, it’s wonky – but only a matter of life and death, and possible financial ruin. Most people, to remain sane, treat those as hypothetical issues. No one thinks they’re going to die, really. Sure, things may be falling apart, … Continue reading

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