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When Reality Doesn’t Go Away

Science fiction is for teenagers, and for adults who know their life peaked in their senior year in high school, when absolutely everything was vital and important, and for whom it’s been all downhill ever since, or so it seems. … Continue reading

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Our Apparent Need for Synthetic Reality

Most people simply outgrow science fiction. It’s a genre for adolescent boys – all clever what-if set-up and gee-whiz action about what would happen if all this imaginary stuff weren’t imaginary. You get a lot of time-travel and alternative universes. … Continue reading

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No Point in Dreaming

We were the space kids, and maybe that started with The Honeymooners back in 1956. The family would gather around the little black and white television screen in the big wooden cabinet to watch that show. Ralph Kramden, the crude … Continue reading

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