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No Second First Impressions

Al (Alan Stuart) Franken wasn’t always the thoughtful and persistently progressive Democratic senator from Minnesota. He won that seat in 2008, sort of – endless recounts delayed his assuming the seat until the following July. Republicans just couldn’t imagine a … Continue reading

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The Dog Catches the Car

The dog chases the car, but what will the dog do if the dog catches the car? That’s the joke. The dog has no idea. The dog has a tiny brain. The dog simply chases the car, because it’s great … Continue reading

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No Fixing This Now

The debates are over. Donald Trump said he won them all. The polling shows otherwise, but he is who he is. He never loses, but that’s getting harder and harder to maintain. He lost those. He’s losing the election, mainly … Continue reading

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The Primal Scream Party

Everyone agrees that the second presidential debate in Saint Louis was a bit strange: The presidential campaign took a dark turn here Sunday night as Donald Trump leveled a stream of harsh charges at Hillary Clinton during their second debate, claiming … Continue reading

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Too Unstable To Hold

How are things going in Washington? The Nationals, the baseball team that used to be the Montreal Expos, is doing quite well in their new home. That’s nice, but as the New York Times’ Jennifer Steinhauer reports, things are a … Continue reading

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Odd Man Out

So, who is going to stand with Donald Trump? That is, which Republicans are going to campaign with him or at least campaign for him, telling America that he’s a fine fellow? There have been no volunteers so far, which … Continue reading

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Going Bananas

The story surfaced late last year – bananas, as we know them, are suddenly going extinct. Monoculture made the only variety anyone now grows, the Cavendish, vulnerable to a nasty fungus that stays in the soil for thirty years. There’s … Continue reading

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