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Having No President At All

Small-government conservatives argue for as little government as possible, and some small-government conservatives argue for even less government than that. Grover Norquist – that fellow who wants lower and lower taxes, until there are none and the government runs out … Continue reading

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About the Basics of Governing

Things didn’t work out. Republicans finally had control of the House and the Senate and the White House, but they couldn’t repeal Obamacare even when they set up that vote under the “reconciliation” rule in the Senate that meant they’d … Continue reading

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The Dog Catches the Car

The dog chases the car, but what will the dog do if the dog catches the car? That’s the joke. The dog has no idea. The dog has a tiny brain. The dog simply chases the car, because it’s great … Continue reading

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No Other Choice

People only do what they have to do, which they really don’t want to do, when they have no other choice – as with that tedious college term paper long ago, or every college term paper long ago, and as … Continue reading

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