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Life in the Big City

Big cities have their songs, although I Left My Heart in San Francisco was written in 1953 in Brooklyn. George Cory and Douglass Cross were a bit homesick. Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn were a bit more professional with … Continue reading

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Political Indigestion

The Republicans’ fifth debate of this cycle, and the last of this year, held at Sheldon Adelson’s Venetian Hotel and Casino in the heart of Las Vegas, was a bit of a hot mess – even if CNN’s Wolf Blitzer … Continue reading

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Angry Gloom and Doom

The Republicans had another debate, the fifth of this cycle and the last of this year, and the fate of the nation hung in the balance – but not really. Everyone knows where each of the candidates stands on every … Continue reading

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Too Fast and Furious

There are slow news days, those days when what you see on the cable news shows and in the print and online media are perspective pieces, explaining the history and current details of this issue or that. But everyone knows … Continue reading

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A Long Fine Flash

Hunter Thompson was onto something when he wrote Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – he called it “a savage journey to the heart of the American Dream.” And the preface quotes Samuel Johnson – “He who makes a beast of … Continue reading

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Once Again, Again

This is getting tiresome. On the night before the full moon in October, ominous in and of itself, the Republicans had another debate, trying to winnow the field. That’s the right verb. You might recall that winnowing fan that Homer … Continue reading

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Knowing What You Know

As everyone knows… no, you really don’t open any argument with those words. No one knows what everyone knows, and maybe no one knows what anyone really knows. It’s presumptuous to say you are just saying what everyone knows, and … Continue reading

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