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The Cruz Missile

Well, that was interesting. How many times can you say that? The announced theme of the first night of the Republican (Trump) National Convention was Make America Safe Again, but that will be no more than a bit of political … Continue reading

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Another Opening, Another Show

It’s a quiet evening here in Hollywood – no police helicopters overhead at the moment – and in the other room, on the television, the opening night of the Republican National Convention is unspooling – in silence. Some things are … Continue reading

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Our Current Unpleasantness

The Civil War eventually had many other names – looking back on it, white folks in the south started calling it the “War of Northern Aggression” while those southerners who definitely weren’t white decided to call it the “Freedom War” … Continue reading

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Hang the Sense of It

One thing that made the late seventies more bearable was Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – the new BBC absurdist radio serial, a bit of humorous existential science fiction. Think Jean-Paul Sartre with a wicked sense of humor, or … Continue reading

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An Honorable Adventure

There’s nothing wrong with being conservative. Being cautious about change is a good thing. Being prudent with the limited funds available to government is a good thing. There might be such a thing as a good conservative, and a fine … Continue reading

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The Amazing Disappearing Republican Party

California has given us lots of things – the Hula Hoop, the Frisbee, the Beach Boys and then Jefferson Airplane and the Doors, and then Laurel Canyon mellow, and the Bakersfield Sound too – Buck Owens and Merle Haggard and … Continue reading

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The Republican Revolution

John Boehner is gone. The old Republican Party has been overthrown. Well, not really – Boehner won’t be gone until November and Jeb Bush and establishment Republicans are still out there. Mitch McConnell runs the Senate, not Ted Cruz. The … Continue reading

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