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Fake Money

No one likes fake money, in fact, Jonathan Swift, as a sort of warm-up to Gulliver’s Travels and the rest of the satires, made his reputation making fun of the whole idea – the Brits weren’t going to fix Ireland’s … Continue reading

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That Cliff

Up on Hollywood Boulevard here you can get a stiff and quite traditional martini at Musso and Frank – they’ve been serving those since 1919, along with basic grill fare – a big steak and a side of creamed spinach … Continue reading

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On Surviving High Drama

High drama is just tiresome – like listening to Celine Dion singing in one of her shows in Las Vegas. That woman always starts out emoting in fortissimo, forceful and intense, and then cranks it up to quadruple fortissimo and … Continue reading

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Political Systems Analysis

The cultural wars of the sixties were fought over many issues – sex, drugs and rock and roll of course – as Mick Jagger and such folks appalled the generation who had grown up on Glenn Miller and then aged … Continue reading

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Hoping No One Is That Stupid

They call Chapel Hill a Little Bit of Heaven in the South – and maybe it is. Even those of us up the road at Duke, in gritty Durham, would drive down there on Saturday afternoons and just hang out. … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Warning to Stop Playing Games

Sports are pretty basic. The ancient Greeks provided the basic model for them all. You ran faster than anyone else, or you threw something a greater distance that anyone else, or one-on-one, you beat and tossed the other guy around … Continue reading

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No Kidding

It’s a skill one probably learns in high school, maybe in ninth or tenth grade. That’s when in history or English class the teacher asks you what you think, and you realize that they actually want to know what you … Continue reading

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