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That Big Yellow Taxi

efIt’s a quiet night here in Laurel Canyon, and raining, which doesn’t happen much out here – but the road that winds up though the canyon is open again. The back yard of one of the odd houses up in … Continue reading

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The Limits of Cool

Barack Obama will be gone soon. No one now gets more than two terms, and there is life after the presidency. Jimmy Carter hooked up with Habitat for Humanity. Bill Clinton has his foundation. The first George Bush simply enjoyed … Continue reading

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Tears, Idle Tears

First, there’s the matter of the tears. President Obama somewhat dramatically announced that he will enforce our existing gun control laws in a way that redefines just who is a gun dealer and who is not, closing the loophole that … Continue reading

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Good Things Elsewhere

It’s all Donald Trump all the time, unless it’s Ted Cruz, or maybe, sometimes, Marco Rubio, which is fine with Hillary Clinton – no one is talking about Benghazi or her emails. And who is this Ben Carson person? Is … Continue reading

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Getting Nasty Again

History has been kind to Harry Truman. During his presidency no one thought much of him, but years later his bluntness and honesty made up for him being a bit of a hick. He did give ’em hell. On the … Continue reading

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The Coming Tedium

George W. Bush did that lame-duck-presidency thing well. By the middle of his second term no one believed he could get a damned thing done. His second term opened with his big surprise – it was time to privatize Social … Continue reading

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Beyond the Annual Status Report

Something should be said about President Obama’s State of the Union address – that constitutionally mandated “occasional” report to Congress on how things are going, and on what the president thinks might be wise to do next about whatever has … Continue reading

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