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On Impulse Power

Kirk tells Sulu to proceed on “impulse power” but Sulu isn’t supposed to be impulsive. He’s supposed to go slow. He’s supposed to use the ship’s crude and old-fashioned secondary method of getting around: In the fictional Star Trek universe, … Continue reading

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The Extinction-Level Event

Sometimes it’s best to get down to basics. The whole idea of this place was that kings and tyrants of any sort made no sense. People can govern themselves, and should. We needed no king. We’d vote on what should … Continue reading

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On Becoming Self-Impeachable

Reporters know what to do. If it’s a feature story, a human interest thing, for the top left of the front page, set the scene. Be cinematic or novelistic. Describe the landscape and then introduce the colorful main characters. Hook … Continue reading

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Our Republican Parties

Our fathers were Republicans. It was respectable to be a Republican. We got that. In the fifties, Dwight Eisenhower had been president, and he wasn’t that bad. Our fathers could point to him, and they were right. He was a … Continue reading

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Here Come Da Judge

“Here Come Da Judge!” It was 1968 and the show was Laugh-In and Flip Wilson said the words – and the judge was Flip Wilson, a hip black dude. The unfortunate white defendant didn’t understand hipness or blackness and paid … Continue reading

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Forcing Extra Innings

Where were we? Ah, yes – the baseball metaphor – it’s the bottom of the ninth for the Republicans, now at bat, with two outs, with the game on the line. They can’t pass any major legislation for President Trump. … Continue reading

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The Bottom of the Ninth

It’s summer. Think baseball. Think of the first game of the 1988 World Series, October 15, 1988, at Dodger Stadium here in Los Angeles. It’s the bottom of the ninth inning. The Dodgers are down one run to the Oakland … Continue reading

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