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The Eye of Some Tiger or Other

Out here in Hollywood they keep product and the making of the product separate. Some of us live between the two. One block down the street there’s Sunset Boulevard. Turn right, at the Laugh Factory, and you’re on the Sunset Strip … Continue reading

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Disagreeing About Life in America

Americans have short memories, or at least Republicans do. That’s useful. There are things best forgotten, like that Terri Schiavo business back in 2005 – a national embarrassment. The whole thing began on February 25, 1990, when Terri Schiavo collapsed … Continue reading

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The Road Taken

Life is full of regrets, or at least wistful speculation. There’s that fork in the road. Choose one way or the other, but know that once you move on, there’s no going back – and you must move on. But … Continue reading

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No Need to Listen Any Longer

The good Americans – who like to call themselves the Real Americans – have told the rest of us what’s wrong with us. Mitt Romney didn’t do that directly – he spoke to a private gathering of good Americans and … Continue reading

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Ambushed by Tolerance

Things used to be easier for Republicans. In their efforts to make all abortions, for whatever reason, illegal again, and then in their efforts to allow employers to opt out of the requirement that all health plans offer contraceptive and … Continue reading

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Offering Smiling Resentment

We are our heroes, and there was a time in America when everyone loved Gomer Pyle – the character played by Jim Nabors in that sitcom that ran from 1964 through 1969, the year that America finally seemed to have … Continue reading

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Republican Orthodoxy

When a political party has been out of power for eight years it’s probably a good idea for those folks to figure out why that happened, and fix the problem. And it’s not a good idea to say that the … Continue reading

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