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Inexperience and Alarming Bluster

America took a gamble with Donald Trump. The man never held political office before. His grasp of how our government (or any government) works is a few steps below rudimentary. He has no experience in foreign policy, other than with … Continue reading

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Not Exactly Great Again

At the moment, stock markets around the world are crashing because Britain just voted to leave the European Union – to rid themselves of their EU overlords in Brussels and make Britain great again, or something. The pound just lost … Continue reading

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How We See Ourselves

Those on the left have been making fun of those on the right since all those town hall meetings during the August 2009 congressional recess, when, as the Affordable Care Act and Death Panels were the big issue, it seemed … Continue reading

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The Final Militant Nostalgia

The 2008 election of Barack Obama, or first black president, didn’t usher in a new age of comity and tolerance. On Fox News and on talk radio and in the Weekly Standard and the National Review and all the rest, … Continue reading

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