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Generalissimo Trump

Donald Trump is not subtle. Donald Trump does not like “rules” or conventions or niceties or norms or traditions. Fools follow those. Losers follow those. He is neither so doesn’t follow those at all. He won’t be politically correct. He … Continue reading

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Two Down

Down the hill at Melrose and Gower, at Paramount Pictures, they make slasher movies now and then – another Star Trek movie isn’t going to keep that studio afloat. Quick cash is necessary, and those slasher movies practically write themselves, … Continue reading

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The Cruz Missile

Well, that was interesting. How many times can you say that? The announced theme of the first night of the Republican (Trump) National Convention was Make America Safe Again, but that will be no more than a bit of political … Continue reading

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Closing the Deal

Donald Trump wrote “The Art of the Deal” – but not really. The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer recently interviewed Tony Schwartz, the fellow who wrote the actual words that were then packaged as the Donald Trump book. Now he’s sorry he ever … Continue reading

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