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Still Learning

The sixties were fine – there was the Summer of Love and Woodstock and all the rest, and talk of changing the world. That was supposed to happen, but it didn’t. Almost simultaneously the nation elected Nixon and college ended … Continue reading

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Republican Poison

There are a few more primaries left – Indiana in early May, California in early June – but unless Hillary Clinton goes to jail or Donald Trump works himself up so much that he has a massive stroke, it will … Continue reading

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That Other Stuff

Melania Trump does look pretty damned hot naked on that bearskin rug in the cabin of Donald Trump’s private Boeing 757 – but the words were jarring. “Meet Melania Trump, your next first lady. Or you could vote for Ted … Continue reading

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Disarming the Rebels

North Korea is a miserable little country, one of the poorest on earth, run badly by a strange little man, the son of the strange little man who ran it badly before him, who ran it as badly as his … Continue reading

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No Sufficient Second

John Boehner is gone, or as good as gone. November will find him back in Ohio, no longer Speaker of the House and no longer a congressman. He grinned when he resigned. He sang a bit of that Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Da song … Continue reading

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The Third Story

Live long enough and you meet all sorts of people. The “special events” producer at CNN, with her Emmy and all, had stories about how hard it was to cover things like political conventions and state visits. There were a … Continue reading

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Base Moves

Ten years ago everyone was trying to figure out what happened the year before. In spite of the mess that Iraq was becoming, and the mess Afghanistan already was, George W. Bush was reelected. Saddam Hussein had no weapons of … Continue reading

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