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Making Rage Moot

Being old has its advantages. The cataract surgery went fine, and from check-in to discharge, that ate up most of the day. That was fine. The day was one of the most depressing and absurd days in the nation’s history. … Continue reading

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A Sickness of the Spirit

Societally, the country has bottomed out. Societally, the country has been reduced to arguing about stupid stuff: The chairman of the New York Jets said he will pay the fines for players on his team who protest during the national … Continue reading

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The Old World Now Gone

Life is full of changes. Sometimes you end up in Rochester, New York. That was the first job after graduate school – teaching English at prep school there – the wife’s home town. It would be fine. This was the … Continue reading

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Choosing the Right Word

California gave America Richard Nixon. Then California gave America Ronald Reagan. Then, to make up for that, California gave America S. I. Hayakawa – the president of San Francisco State University who became one of the state’s two senators in … Continue reading

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What Everyone Now Knows

One thing leads to another when it shouldn’t. Some unfortunate outcomes, in retrospect, were inevitable. No one knew, at the time, how badly things would work out. Donald Trump named Jefferson Beauregard Sessions as his attorney general – that senator … Continue reading

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Our Republican Parties

Our fathers were Republicans. It was respectable to be a Republican. We got that. In the fifties, Dwight Eisenhower had been president, and he wasn’t that bad. Our fathers could point to him, and they were right. He was a … Continue reading

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If Enough Is Enough

Some days in American politics need a proper introduction. Frank Capra is the Norman Rockwell of American film. Capra showed idealized “good” Americans – the decent normal people that are everyone and that are all Americans. In 1946 Capra gave … Continue reading

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