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A Side of Fries

The news folks had the day lined up, another Tuesday in late March. They had their production crews and reporters in Havana – President Obama was there – the third day of his grand experiment to see if we could … Continue reading

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New England Saturday Night

For a good time, try Manchester, New Hampshire, on a Saturday night – said no one, ever. That’s a place where nothing’s happening, ever. The wildly transgressive comic and cultural critic Sarah Silverman was raised in Manchester – her mother … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding the Problem

Tuesday, November 17, 2015, President Obama was in the Philippines and still frustrated with the Republicans, who seem to want a new war in the Middle East and are calling for a halt to the entry of any Syrian refugees, … Continue reading

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That Background Noise

Perhaps the Republicans will figure out what to do about Donald Trump – or perhaps there’ll be a final showdown where Trump demands that Jeb Bush divorce his Mexican wife and disown his half-breed children or get out of the … Continue reading

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In Search of a Doctrine

We lost Ramadi. We may have lost Iraq, if there ever was such a place. Maybe we imagined a real country where folks got along just fine. All we had to do is remove Saddam Hussein and there it would … Continue reading

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What We Have Done

We did create a monster. We got rid of the Sunni despot Saddam Hussein, claiming he was in cahoots with al-Qaeda, even if al-Qaeda had been saying for years that they hated Saddam Hussein. Sure, he was a Sunni like … Continue reading

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Asking for Trouble

There’s a basketball game here in town tonight. The Buffalo Braves, who moved out here in the early eighties and became the San Diego Clippers, and then moved up the coast and became the Los Angeles Clippers, after years of … Continue reading

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