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At a Minimum

In the late eighteenth century representative democracy seemed like a fine idea. We had our revolution. The French had theirs. Others would follow. There would be no more kings. It was the Age of Reason – the people could reason … Continue reading

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On the Possibility of Revolution

Something slipped by. Everyone was consumed with what happened after the skinny white kid, high on dreams of starting a race war to rid America of those black folks who were taking over and raping our women, murdered nine folks … Continue reading

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Our Sense of Fairness

If you’re a parent you know the endless hours you spend dealing with the whining kid saying it’s just not fair – difficult homework, or how Sally got a pony and she didn’t, or whatever it is. You can fix … Continue reading

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The Sum of All Fears

Basic cable is starved for content, but luckily Americans seem to like watching second-rate old movies again and again, and they’re even willing to pay a little extra each month for Encore – and that gets you Encore Action and … Continue reading

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When Math Attacks

Basic math can be cruel. Long ago, when Ronald Reagan was first running for president, he promised, were he president, an across-the-board reduction in income tax rates and an even larger reduction in capital gains tax rates. That would goose … Continue reading

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Filling the Empty Days

This is the dead time, the empty days. Between the morning after that New Year’s Eve party, and Easter, there are no real holidays – just Presidents Day, which no one pays much attention to, and Martin Luther King Day, … Continue reading

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Beyond the Annual Status Report

Something should be said about President Obama’s State of the Union address – that constitutionally mandated “occasional” report to Congress on how things are going, and on what the president thinks might be wise to do next about whatever has … Continue reading

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