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Perfectly Normal Paranoia

Life can be just cold and brutal. At least it was in the late seventies up in Rochester, New York, in the deep of winter, grading high school essays on Hamlet’s issues with his mother or whatever. At least the … Continue reading

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Grand Unifying Theories

Life is sufficiently puzzling that sooner or later one demands an answer to what it’s all about. Of course not everyone demands an answer. William Shenstone famously noted that the world may be divided into people that read, people that … Continue reading

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Panic Nation

Hollywood is a stupid place, but they do get some things right. Panic reveals character. You set up an end-of-the-world situation (any monster-vampire-disaster or James Bond movie) or an end-of-your-world-as-you-know-it situation (any teen broken-heart movie or any Woody Allen movie) … Continue reading

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